Call Waiting

Call Waiting / Call Waiting with Cancel alerts you to incoming calls when you’re on the line.

How to use Call Waiting:

You will hear a beep tone when you are receiving another incoming call. Press and release the receiver button or the flash button. The first call is put on hold and you are connected with the second caller.

To alternate between calls:
Press and release the receiver switch or flash button to transfer between callers. You may alternate between the two calls as often as you wish.

To terminate either call:
Hang up. Your telephone will ring again with the caller that was on hold.

To cancel Call Waiting during a call:
Listen for dial tone. Dial: 70#
Listen for three short tones, followed by normal dial tone. Call Waiting is disabled. Dial the telephone number you wish to call. When you are finished with your call, hang up. Your Call Waiting Service is no longer cancelled.

Notes Call Waiting & Call Waiting with Cancel:
When you alternate between two callers, anyone else trying to call you will receive a busy signal.

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