Selective Call Acceptance

Create a list of important phone numbers. When Selective Call Acceptance is on you will only receive calls from the people on your list. All others will hear an announcement that you are not accepting calls at this time.

How to use Selective Call Acceptance:

Listen for dial tone: Dial: *64
Use the menu (below) to change the settings of this feature.

Turn service ON or OFF:  Press 3
Add a number to your list: Press #

  • Dial the number to add: Press #. Dial 01 Add the last call.
  • Remove an entry from your list: Press *
  • Dial the number to be removed and press *
  • Dial 08 Remove ALL, Dial 09 Remove All PRIVATE ENTRIES.
  • Listen to the entries in your list: Press 1
  • Dial 07 after the number to remove to the entry.
  • Hear the instructions: Press 0
  • Save list or exit: Hang Up

Notes Selective Calling & Priority Ringing:

  • Each service uses its own telephone list.
  • Last Call entries added to your list are referred to as Private Entries.
  • Due to area limitations long distance calls must be added as the last call.
  • You will be charged long distance rates for calls forwarded outside you local service area.

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