Priority Ringing

Create a list of important phone numbers. Priority Ringing uses a special ringing pattern to signal you when someone from your list calls you. All other calls will ring normally.

How to use Priority Ringing:
Listen for dial tone: Dial *61
Use the menu (below) to change the settings of this feature.

Turn service ON or OFF: Press 3
Add a number to your list: Press #

  • Dial the number to add: Press #. Dial 01 Add the last call.
  • Remove an entry from your list: Press *
  • Dial the number to be removed and press *
  • Dial 08 Remove ALL, Dial 09 Remove All PRIVATE ENTRIES.
  • Listen to the entries in your list: Press 1
  • Dial 07 after the number to remove to the entry.

Hear the instructions: Press 0
Save list or exit: Hang Up

Notes Selective Calling & Priority Ringing:

  • Each service uses its own telephone list.
  • Last Call entries added to your list are referred to as Private Entries.
  • Due to area limitations long distance calls must be added as the last call.
  • You will be charged long distance rates for calls forwarded outside you local service area.

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