Why can’t I watch one channel and record a different channel at the same time with the DVR?

  • The DVR allows you to record up to two shows simultaneously.  For example, you should be able to watch Ch. 5 while recording Ch. 5 and Ch. 8.
    • If you are only able to watch and record one channel, please contact MHTC Technical Support to check your profile settings.
    • If you receive a message telling you the program you are watching and recording will stop recording if you change the channel, please verify you aren’t also recording a program that was set to automatically record during the same timeframe. All channels being recorded will have a red dot in front of the program name. This typically happens when a series is scheduled to record.
  • MHTC advises not recording HD channels due to picture and sound quality issues, especially if there are other TV’s on or you are trying to record an HD channel and watch an SD channel at the same time.

Please stop by the MHTC business office in Mount Horeb to pick up a Digital Cable TV Quick Start Guide if you don’t already have one or you can download one here: Digital Cable TV Quick Start Guide.

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