Why is the DVR deleting my recordings?

The DVR can record approximately 70 hours worth of SD programs before the disk is full. Recording HD programs will increase the amount of disk space used and will lessen this time frame. When the disk is full a pop-up window will display telling the customer the disk is full and ask whether it should delete older recordings to free up space.

If the DVR is deleting recordings this could be an issue with the DVR or user error. Sometimes people don’t actually read the pop-up window and just press “OK” on the remote and inadvertently delete all the recordings. Do you, or anyone in your household, remember seeing the pop-up window saying the disk is full? If not, monitor the issue and let MHTC know if it happens again. Remember, you can lock recordings if you are afraid you will lose them. If the DVR continues to inadvertently delete recordings please contact MHTC.

Pop-Up Window Options:

  • If the disk space is at or near full – You have the option to select NO and manually delete individual recordings you don’t want to save or select YES to delete all recordings that aren’t locked.
  • If the disk space isn’t close to being full – Make sure you select NO at the prompt to delete recordings.  At this time you may want to lock all recordings you want to save. After locking the recordings you want to save, power cycle the DVR and continue monitoring the issue.
  • Please stop by the MHTC business office in Mount Horeb to pick up a Digital Cable TV Quick Start Guide if you don’t already have one.

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