Why won’t my DVD/VCR play videos or record TV programs?

  • If the device is playing a movie but you aren’t seeing a picture, is the TV on the correct input? Cycle through the TV inputs until you get to the correct one.
  • Are the cables connected correctly? If your device isn’t capable of recording TV shows or you don’t ever plan on recording TV shows you should connect the DVD/VCR directly to the TV and not to the STB. If you want to be able to record TV shows, you will need to connect the cables into the STB. You may need to switch the cables around in the ports on the DVD/VCR and STB until you get the correct setup configuration.
  • If your recording is displaying just a black picture, is the DVD/VCR on the correct channel?  Typically, the device is set to Ch. 3.  Are the cables connected correctly on the DVD/VCR and STB?

Note: Be sure to connect the DVD/VCR to the audio output of the STB using an RCA (component) cable, otherwise it won’t record sound.

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