Dial-up Setup MAC OS X 10.3 Panther & 10.4 Tiger

Create a dial-up Internet connection:

Click on the Apple menu then Location then Network Preferences.

The Network window opens.
Location = Select New Location 

Name your new location = Give the connection a name, such as MHTC Dialup.
Click OK.

Location = Should already be filled in.
Show = Internal Modem

Click the PPP tab.
Service Provider = Type the name of your ISP. (optional)
Account Name = Type your MHTC  user name.
Password = Type your MHTC password.
Telephone Number = Type the access phone number provided by MHTC to connect to the Internet. A list of access numbers can be found here.
Check Save Password.
Click Apply Now to save changes.

Click on the PPP Options button.

Session Options:

Note: When you check the option Connect automatically when starting TCP/IP applications your computer will prompt you to connect when you click on a TCP/IP application, i.e. Apple Mail, Safari, Entourage, etc.

Enable any other Session Options per your own personal preferences.

Advanced Options:

Check Send PPP echo packets
Check Use TCP header compression
Leave all other options disabled.
Click OK.

Click the TCP/IP tab.
Configure IPv4 = Using PPP
Leave the remaining fields blank.
Click Apply Now to save changes.

Click the Modem tab.
Modem = Select Apple Internal 56k Modem (v.34) or Apple External 56k Modem (v.34)
Check Enable error correction and compression in modem
Check Wait for dial tone before dialing
Dialing =
Most telephones use Tone dialing. If you have a rotary dial telephone select Pulse.
Sound = Turn the sound on if you want to be able to hear the modem connecting.
Connection = Optional
Check Show modem status in menu bar
Click Apply Now to save changes.


Close any open Network windows and try your connection.

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