Dial-up Setup MAC OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard & 10.7 Lion

Create a dial-up Internet connection:

Click on the Apple menu then on System Preferences.

Click on Network under Internet & Network.

Click on Internal Modem or External Modem from the list on the left.
If a modem isn’t listed verify that you have a dial-up modem installed¬†on the computer.

You may need to click the Add (+) button below the list of devices to create a new connection.

From the Configuration pop-up menu, choose Add Configuration.

Enter the appropriate information.
Location = Automatic
Configuration = Default
Telephone Number = Type the access phone number provided by MHTC to connect to the Internet. A list of access numbers can be found here.
Account Name = Type your MHTC e-mail user name.
Password = Type your MHTC e-mail password.
Check Show modem status in menu bar
Click Apply to save changes.
Click Connect to test your connection.

Once you have established a connection, close all open Network windows, saving changes.

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