Thunderbird 8.0 for Windows

Key Mail Server Settings:
Server Type
= POP3
Incoming Mail Server =
Outgoing Mail Server =

On the Toolbar click Tools and select Account Settings from the menu.


The Account Settings or Local Folders window opens.
Click Account Actions.
Click Add Mail Account.


 Enter Your name (as you want it to appear in sent messages), Email address and Password.
Click Continue to choose your configuration.

Choose POP3 and click Create Account.

Review the following Warning and choose I understand the risks and then click Create Account.

Review the Server Settings.

Server Information:
Server Type
=  POP
Server Name
Port = 110
User Name = Everything before the in your email address
Security Settings = Same as listed in image

If you check your email on more that one device, such as multiple computers or a computer and a cell phone, you will need to select Leave messages on server and specify a number of days.

Click OK.

Review the Outgoing Server (SMTP) Settings.

Server Name =
Port = 587
Click OK.

Your setup is complete.





Note: Dial-up customers will need to un-select Download messages now if you are not currently connected to the Internet.


The first time you check your e-mail you may be prompted to enter your password. Click Use Password Manager to remember this password unless you want to enter it each time for security reasons.


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