Outlook 2010 – IMAP

Key Mail Server Settings:

Server Type = IMAP
Incoming Mail Server = mail.mhtc.net
Outgoing Mail Server = smtp.mhtc.net

Microsoft Outlook 2010 Startup Wizard

Click Next.

If you get the following window select Yes to set up an e-mail account and click Next.

Choose Internet E-mail to set up your POP account and click Next.

Choose Manually configure server settings or additional server types and click Next.


Configure the server settings using the following information.

Your Name = Enter your name as you want it to appear on outgoing messages.
E-mail Address = Enter your e-mail address.
Account Type = IMAP
Incoming Mail Server = mail.mhtc.net
Outgoing Mail Server = smtp.mhtc.net
User Name = Enter your e-mail address
Password = Enter your MHTC e-mail password.

Click Next.

 Click Finish.


Microsoft may display the following window. Choose the option you prefer and then click OK.


To add or create a new account when you don’t see the Setup Wizard click on File on the menu.


Add an Account:
Click Add Account under the Info option.
Follow the steps listed above.

Change an Account:
Click on Account Settings under the Info option.

Highlight the account you want to change and then click on Change
Edit the account information as needed. Refer to the settings listed above.


 To view additional account settings click on More Settings in the E-mail Settings window.

Under the Advanced tab the Incoming and Outgoing Server Port Numbers default to 143 and 25 respectfully. If you have problems sending emails you may need to change the outgoing port number to 587.

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