Why is my TV picture all snowy? or Why does my screen say “no signal”?

  • Verify that the TV is on the correct channel or input and the ADB set-top box is powered and turned on.
  • If after checking the channel or input the TV screen is still snowy, most likely the TV is still on the wrong channel or input. If you are unsure what input your TV should be on (Video-1, HDMI-1, AV, Comp, etc.) try using your television remote or MHTC’s remote to cycle through the inputs. If you have trouble with this step, feel free to call MHTC for assistance.
    • If you try changing inputs using the MHTC remote you will need to hit the TV button and then the Input button to cycle through the inputs. After you have found the correct input remember to hit the STB button on the remote for it to function properly.
  • If you continue having problems try resetting the set-top box.
  • If necessary, contact MHTC Technical Support at 437-6850.

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