Conference Calling

Using MHTC Conference calling:

  • Call MHTC at 608-437-5551 to get a Moderator and Participant code.
  • Decide on a date and time for your conference call.
  • Your party will call 608-437-6668
  • Notify your participants with the date & time, the telephone number and the Participant Code.
  • Right before the time of the call go to:  and click on MHTC Conferencing.  (Located at bottom of page)
  • Enter your Moderator Code and Participant Code.
  • As the Moderator, you can watch people join and leave the conference.  You can control the volume of each participate or mute participants.
  • As the Moderator you can change the Participator Codes as you wish through the interface.
  • Once you have a moderator code you can set up conference calls at anytime you choose without calling back into MHTC.


  • $5.00/conference
  • $.50/attendee

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