Why can’t I get the Guide or Menu to come up using my remote?

  • Press the STB button on the remote to re-activate the set-top box and then try again.
  • Verify the TV is on the correct channel or input and the set-top box is on the correct resolution.
  • Reset the set-top box.

Setting the Resolution:

  • ADB 3800 – If you have a standard definition TV and the TV is set to Ch. 3 hold down the green button on the remote for approximately 3 seconds and then the number 1 to reset the resolution. The screen should flash if it was reset.
    • You can also press the green button and number 2 or 3 or 4 to cycle through the various resolutions if number 1 didn’t work.
  • ADB 5810WX – Press the RES (resolution) button multiple times on the front of the set-top box to cycle the resolutions.
  • Entone – Access the Menu to change the resolution if power-cycling the set-top box doesn’t reset it.

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