Using Routers with High Speed Internet

Routers provide many benefits to computers on a high speed network including added security and the ability to connect multiple computers to a single internet source.  In the case of those who are connected over Wireless DSL, the router also handles all of the PPPoE negotiation with the server freeing the computer to handle other tasks.  This also allows the PPPoE connection to be always on instead of having to wait for the Windows or Mac operating system to connect.

Setting Up Your Router:

Wired DSL:

All routers should be configured to work properly with Wired DSL out of the box. If yours isn’t working you can usually restore the default settings by holding down the Reset button on the back of the router for 10 seconds and then restarting your computers.

Wireless DSL:

NOTE: Some Mount Horeb and Blue Mounds DSL customers whose modems have to be bridged for any reason may want to refer to the Wireless DSL router links in order to configure your routers properly.

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