Dial-up Setup Windows 98

Create anĀ Internet connection:

Double click the My Computer icon on the desktop.

Double click the Dial-Up Networking folder.

Double click the Make New Connection icon.

The dial-up networking wizard opens.
Click Next.

Type a name for the computer you are dialing = Type MHTC.
Select a device = Select a modem from the drop down menu. Typically, there is only one modem listed.
Click the Configure button.

A window similar to the following appears:
Maximum speed = Set the speed to 57600.
Click OK to save changes and return to the Make New Connection window.

Click Next.

Area Code = Leave the area code field blank.
Telephone Number = Enter the access number you use to connect to the Internet. A list of access numbers can be found here.

Note: If you need to dial a long distance number in order to access the Internet, please contact MHTC so that we can provide you with the correct number to dial into.

Country or region code = Don’t worry about this field.
Click Next.

The initial configuration is complete.

Click Finish to returnĀ to the Dial-up Networking window.

Double click the MHTC connection.

User name = Type your MHTC account user name (everything before the @).
Password = Type your MHTC account password.
Select Save password unless you want to enter it each time for security reasons.
Phone number = This field should already be filled in. Please verify the access number.
Click Connect.

Create a shortcut on the desktop:

Right click the MHTC dial-up connection in the Dial-up Networking window.
Left click on Create Shortcut.

The following pop-up window will tell you that you can’t create a shortcut here. Do you want the shortcut to be placed on the desktop instead?
Click Yes.

Close the Dial-up Networking window and return to the desktop.

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