Microsoft Office Entourage 2004 (OS X)

Key Mail Server Settings:
Server Type = POP
Incoming Mail Server=
Outgoing Mail Server=

Entourage 2004 is the e-mail program that comes with Office 2004 for Macintosh OS X. Later versions of Entourage are available with other Office products and is set up similarly to this version.

On the Toolbar click Tools and select Accounts from the menu.

Select the Mail tab.
Click New to open the New Account window.

Account Type = POP
Click OK.

Click the Account Settings tab.

Account Name = Type any name for this account.

Personal Information:
Name = Type your name (as you want it to appear when you send an e-mail).
E-mail address = Type your MHTC e-mail address.

Receiving mail:
Account ID = Type your MHTC e-mail username (everything before the @).
POP Server =
Password = Type your MHTC e-mail password.
Save password in my Mac OS keychain should be selected unless you wan to enter it each time for security reasons.

Sending mail:
SMTP server

Click OK.

Return to the Accounts window.

Close the Accounts window.

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