Apple Mail v1.3 (Panther)

Key Mail Server Settings:
Server Type = POP
Incoming Mail Server=
Outgoing Mail Server=

Macintosh Mail is an e-mail program made by Macintosh for use on Macintosh OS X. There are a few slight changes with version OS X Panther (10.3).

On the Toolbar click Mail and select Preferences from the menu.

Click Accounts.
Click the “+” button in the bottom left corner of the Accounts window.

Account Type = POP
Description = Type any name for this account.
E-mail Address = Type your MHTC e-mail address.
Full Name = Type your name (as you want it to appear when you send an e-mail).

Incoming Mail Server=
User Name= Type your MHTC e-mail username (everything before the @).
Password = Type your MHTC e-mail password.

Note: If is not in the Outgoing Mail Server drop-down list click on Edit Server List if it’s an option or on the Server Settings button to add it. If other SMTP servers are listed or if extra characters are added to the MHTC SMTP server name you may have difficulty sending e-mails. Click here for information explaining how to delete the extra outgoing mail servers or see the steps outlined below.

Click the Server Settings button.
Outgoing Mail Server =
Port = 25
Authentication = Password
User Name = Type your MHTC e-mail username (everything before the @).
Password = Type your MHTC e-mail password.

Removing Extra Outgoing Mail Servers:

Click on the up-down arrow next to Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) then on Edit Server List.

Select any extra SMTP Servers in the list then on the Remove Server button. Typically, you will only need the MHTC SMTP server.
Click Done.

Click the Advanced tab if you use more than one computer or a computer and another device such as a Blackberry to receive e-mail messages on.

Select Remove copy from server after retrieving a message and then select an appropriate time frame in the list, i.e. After one week.

Caution! If you leave the messages on the server for too long of a time frame you may find yourself running into quota issues on our server. Please read this newsletter article regarding MHTC mailbox quotas.

Close the Accounts window and save your settings after making all of your changes.

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