Fiber Batery Back-up


Fiber optic technology is different in many ways than the traditional copper wire network. One of those differences is how you receive telephone service (dial tone).

On a copper wire network, your telephone is powered by the telephone line. When your power goes out your telephone still works because the power is coming from the copper telephone line powered at the telephone company.

Fiber optic networks do not carry electricity. In a fiber optic network, your telephone is powered by your in-house electrical service so if you lose electrical power your telephone line also will not work. However, by supping a battery back-up in your home to the Optical Network Terminal (ONT), your telephone will continue to work if you lose electrical power.

MHTC wants you to realize that, without a battery backup, in the case of a power outage at your home you will not be able to call 911.

MHTC will provide battery back-up for a one-time fee of $59.00 plus tax. You may also purchase an AC battery back-up from another vendor. In any case, please let us know how you would like to proceed with your telephone service power back-up.



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